2018 Fully Grounded

If you are keen to work for six months with one of the North East’s most productive dance companies Fertile Ground then apply for our audition on June 7th by 10 am May 31st! We are accepting applications NOW and full details can be found further down on this blog page, the Fertile Ground FB page and Fertile Ground audition on article19.

This paid apprencticeship opportunity gives you a chance to both develop your dance and dance workshop teaching skills. We have two exceptional nationally and internationally recognised choreographers lined up to create work and we have also invited two of the regions’ most talented dance artists ┬áto spend time with us.

The grand finale is planned for the spring!

Don’t miss the May 31st deadline!

Borderlands chor. Jarek Cemerek
Borderlands chor. Jarek Cemerek. DAncers Pierre Enaux, Audrey Rogero & Stephen Moynihan


We value every contribution to our work,
our dancers and our future; be part of our journey

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